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FundsHave you sought finance for your small business recently? Have you been unable to secure a bank loan or overdraft to enable you to grow your business? If you have then you will already know how difficult it is to obtain the finance you need in order to expand and grow your operation. Even healthy businesses are being rejected by the banks but there is some good news. Salamander Finance has an alternative called Business Cash Advance and the application process could't be simpler or quicker - regardless of your credit score. In just three simple steps, you could have access to anywhere up to £250,000 needed to buy new equipment, refurbish your premises, buy new premises - any purpose you desire! In some circumstances, the advance could be as high as £500,000!

Step 1: Apply online
Step 2: Receive a response within 24 hours
Step 3: Receive your cash within five working days!

Why Business Cash Advance?

Small businesses looking to grow will turn to their bank as the most obvious source of funding. Once they have satisfied the perfect credit scoring criteria, offered collateral, submitted a business plan and financial records, the bank are then still very likely to answer your application with rejection. Business Cash Advance is a safe form of lending that should be seen as a primary source of funds rather than an alternative to traditional means.
Business Cash Advance offers funds based on your future credit card sales. We need no collateral or business plan and your poor credit history needn't stop you accessing the funding your business needs.

Business Cash Advance is based on the future sales you will process through your chip and pin machine or online. Repayments are made through a small, fixed percentage of your credit card sales, meaning you only make a repayment when you are paid by your customers. A traditional small business bank loan will demand a fixed repayment 30 days after you receive your funds, which can be damaging to cash flow. With Business Cash Advance, if the month following your advance is slow then you pay back less. If sales take off, you pay back your advance sooner but all the while leaving your business with enough cash flow to operate.

Applying for a small business loan is a lengthy process and the bank will generally want to approve how you spend it, whilst securing it against business or personal assets. Business Cash Advance isn't like this. Just some of the advantages of Business Cash Advance are;

What is the Application Process?

Being approved for Business Cash Advance is a very straight forward process and you can receive anywhere up to £500,000 even if you have been turned for a bank loan previously or have a poor credit rating. We simply ask you a few basic questions about your business, how much you would like to advance and how much you turnover in credit card sales on an average monthly basis. This can be simply verified with a copy of your most recent merchant statements and there is very little else to it.

You will receive a response in the following 24 hours and the funds can be with you within five working days.

Salamander Finance is helping SME's throughout the UK gain access to the funds they require in order to grow their business when they need it most. Ignore the negativity of the banks and take advantage of a cash influx to your business today!